Creating engaging rhythm and motion in your music doesn’t have to be an all-day affair. G8TOR gives you three magical bullets to speed up the process.

The heart of G8TOR is its 8-step sequencer control center.

Each step (note) gives you individual control over your velocity (volume), filter (brightness), note (pitch), duration (hold time), and stutter (note repeat). Play just one note and the sequencer steps through its programmable sequence pattern.

Control the speed of your sequencer in perfect synchronization to your DAW, including swing control, played or set velocity, and latch control.

G8TOR gives you four play modes to animate your chord progressions, melodies or percussion tracks!


An 8-step Note Sequencer for punchy beats, baselines, or animated background tracks. Customize your musical patterns with individual step control over the pitch, velocity, filter frequency, note duration, and stutter timing. Turn steps on or off, add some swing and customize the speed of the sequence to your DAW. If you want to go beyond what your fingers can play on their own, this is the place to head to.

The 8-step note sequencer plays each step according to its pitch and other settings. Each step can be on, off, or stuttered.


The Arpeggiator has per-step control over velocity, filter, duration, and stutter! With this many options for animating your chords, you’ll never run out of ideas again.

The arpeggiator removes the pitch control of the step sequencer and instead uses the notes you have held down on your MIDI keyboard. Use this to animate chord progressions as you play them.


Finally, 2getheraudio’s unique 8-step Filter Sequencer animates its resonant filter in perfect time with your music. Like the arpeggiator, just play your chord progression and let G8TOR synchronize your filter movement in perfect time with your DAW tempo. Forget hours of DAW automation programming, G8TOR’s filter sequencer will get you there in minutes.

The filter sequencer, like the arpeggiator, will step through its sequence while you play chords on your keyboard and follow the filter step sequencer pattern.

Free Play

Free Play mode turns off the sequencers and allows you to use G8TOR as a typical MIDI synthesizer. Use this mode if you don’t want your sound to step animate or arpeggiate or for adjusting your sound without the sequencer running.